the extrovert appears!

and disappears after a few short hours of active socializing – but hey! This part of me has been scarce in recent years, so who’s complaining?
but the introvert has definitely ‘won out’ because I just accidentally lost a lengthy blogpost about language, humor, crossing lines (ref. George Carlin), and interpreting/translating. I’d summarized much of the wisdom Arturo shared with me tonight, including the statement that to decouple the economic system and its coded language from ‘the rest’ (cultural systems?) one must be crude: as crude, he said, as people will take and still accept it/you.
I continue to experience acting on the basis of intuition (rather than calculation), and worry (not always, but when I do its after the fact) that my judgment still needs honing. A friend admonished me last week not to make things so hard on/for myself and within days, what do I do? Cross a line. Make things hard(er). Yet, accompanying the spurt of uncontainment is a rush of energy and engagement, not to mention a good laugh at its sheer incongruity. 🙂 The critique still weighs on me however: do I seek to instigate something that’s “not there” or is there an intuitive basis/justification (?) that condones acting out in order to bring into view something “there” but denied?
At any rate, Elizabeth’s party was great fun and I enjoyed the company tremendously. Maria especially – she kept reminding me how unspecial I am. 🙂 Arturo, being humbly brilliant. Duncan, another modest guy. (I could take lessons, eh?!) Baris (sp?) and Deniz – more contacts for a possible life trajectory that sometimes appears and hovers in the mists of potentiality before my consciousness, and Ashley, a great conversationalist. 🙂 And that fondue! Yum!

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