running from the devil, soaring with the saints

Burda(mania) asked me to post my speech here. It’s the only one for which I’ve actually written a full text prior to the performance. gasp! I’ve altered it to respect the forms of consent given to me about posting in the blog: many of you chose anonymity.
If you’re curious, I’m also posting draft two, which I whittled down to an outline and used to develop memory. Actually, I went back and forth between the full text and the outline as I worked on memorization.
You’ll notice that I missed a few things from what I had planned. Most notably (bummer!) I forgot to mention the fiesta we’re on route toward…. I was worried, when I wrote the speech originally (the day before thanksgiving) that we’d lost our momentum and there would be no party. 🙁 I’m optimistic that we’re now back on track… even after our heavy talk today (those of you who missed class really missed out).

2 thoughts on “running from the devil, soaring with the saints”

  1. Thanks for posting that Steph, I can’t say enough how good it was (even though I don’t think the intention of it was to get a good laugh, but a reaction is a reaction, right?) I cannot wait for my Devil’s Advocacy speech Wednesday, I guarantee you that I will defy the agreeable sainthood of this class, perhaps get a strong enough reaction to trigger actual hate for me (though I guess that’s not how I want to be remembered, but effect is effect). And yes, I will semi-dress up for this one, no black hoodie 🙁 Don’t expect some suit and tie, of course, but I will be “in costume”. Would enjoy to know if you are teaching any more classes here in the future (thought you said you might be teaching at UNH next semester), every damn good professor or teacher I have leaves the next semester 🙁

  2. Effect is effect, yes, and intended effect is better than just any ol’ reaction. Why would you want to inspire hatred? Guess that’s my pacifist side coming out? 🙂 But perhaps there is redemptive value, if we “talk” it instead of “act” it maybe we could find ways around it that are a little less violent. But – there again, my ideology shows. *sigh*
    I don’t yet know if I will be teaching for UMass in the spring. They are in the process of making assignments now. I will teach Intro to Mass Media at UNH-Manchester; I’m teaching that class there this semester as well.

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