Shemaya sends genealogical information on a potential ancestor, Rockwell Kent (he’s not). She marked a few passages in “The Voyaging life…”, an article in the Jan/Feb issue of Ocean Navigator.
He engaged in vociferous political discourse in bars everywhere, often getting into fights; he was even tossed out of Newfoundland in 1915 – forcibly escorted to a ship by a government agent.
“Within an hour of the thought that I must go I had secured a clerk’s berth on a freighter sailing for the farthest spot on the wild, far southern end of South America, of all lands that one hears or reads of, the most afflicted and desolate.”
…Kent considered every adventure a success if it combined enough elements of disaster, companionship and physical exertions.

You don’t think she was making any inferences about me, do you?
I leave in mere hours…

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