public speaking strengths & weaknesses

What I think I do well (in no particular order):
– project presence (volume, tone, animation, confidence, ease, enthusiasm)
– invoke emotion in the audience (although not necessarily that which I intend?)
– clarity of goal and claims related to that goal (not necessarily clear in the thesis?)
– presentation of evidence in support of claims
– language use – proper diction, antithesis, and repetition used to advantage
What I perceive as weaknesses that could be improved (also in no order):
– establishing relationship and matching assumptions with the audience (it seems I lean toward competing rather than collaborating? An assumption of automatic resistance rather than open reception?)
– clarity of thesis in relation to desired action (do I inspire/evoke what I wish in the majority of the audience or do I miss the target?)
– language use and opposing arguments … do I anticipate accurately or invent (!) false positions (by misreading the audience, for instance). I worry that I come across as blaming/frustrated rather than encouraging/excited…

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