Well, I have had fun the last couple of nights. Only got a wee bit confused when I called Broughton last night but dialed Cris instead… I did NOT have a hangover from those CAIPIRINHAS with the real CACHAÇA from Friday night’s bash to celebrate Cris’ acceptance into the Translation program. Nonetheless, it DID take about two minutes before I realized who I was talking with and why the conversation wasn’t going the way I expected! Prior to going there I had dinner with some interpreters and Deaf friends I haven’t seen in ages. That was cool. And last night I danced and chatted for hours with many of the bowling crew in an extended celebration of Anuj’s birthday (I think he’s going for a record…?)
The highlight, of course, was when I was dancing between two hot young Nepalese men. I won’t tell you which one of them thinks I’m in my 60s. 🙂

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