“Hope comes back”

The Korean acupuncturists wanted me to come back for a second treatment so I did. An indulgence. “Your chi is depleted,” said Mrs. Kim, “Your spirit is wandering. We need to help it come back.”
I received more moxa in the same places, needles in the same and several more new sites, and an extravagant, custom blend of medicinal tea. I asked for the names of the “more than twenty” goodies placed in neat piles on a tissue paper before being bundled up for brewing. Instead, Mrs. Kim told me what each one is for:

large intestine
stomach – at least 3 different herbs in “combination – grow strong, help your stomach better”
blood clear, produce blood, strong blood
“memories coming back”
strong bone
“heart calm down”
your eye
chi coming back, chi circulate
dragon eye – which she squeezed open with a load crack – “for your concentration better” (Longan?)
menstruation (2), liver, together and for kidney
“control your water”
“face shiny”
“decoration for your altar”
I received detailed instructions for brewing and consumption for a ten day treatment. I’ll start when I arrive back east.

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  1. stress and temper don’t seem to be on the list. 🙁 I started two days ago; missed last night 🙁 and just had a 2 second public outburst. DANG!

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