DOA 4 Review

“Whoa! It demonstrates how to do it! That’s new.”
“That’s cool.”
“The graphics aren’t as good, do you see that?”
“Can anybody hear me?”
“That’s weird.” What does that mean? It had Y button with like an arrow down. Just do the move. huh. Oh that was cool!
“Oh wow, what was it?!”
“That’s new.” “That’s cool!”

You can teleport. “When I do this he goes nowhere.”
“Does he [Hayabusa] do a backflip?” That’s it! That’s the cool one! hahaha. That’s awesome!
“They went superfast.” Oh! That was tight!
“But does it do that on a normal basis?”
“That was cool.” What? “They automatically fall for ya.”
Comments by SS4 Shinobi and Alec during the first play.
Tournament on January 7th. Speaking of clan: supposedly DOA4 was going to have a formal clan feature but there were problems and they ditched it. Players, however, already form their own clans. I’m not sure this is a good thing? So many (all?) of the social problems in the world today come down to clan: family vs family, ethnicity, religion, or nationality vs others. “Most of the clans [in DOA] are really friendly.” I don’t know what this means.

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