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Anuj’s 29th (!!) birthday dinner was fine until someone mentioned my birth in the 1940s. Actually, it remained delightful, espeically since we got to taste Romanian hospitality! And it was just as well someone’s mom didn’t speak English, as the spermatozoa comment just was not understood. (It would have been way too complicated to explain the semantic merger of “sinus” and its Nepalese counterpart.)
I received several directions regarding blogposts about bowling. They’re a challenge to prioritize…there was DemonDon’s sprint from the bar to a seated position at the foul line (resulting in a strike!), Lava’s attempt to take out the competition by breaking Zeynep’s hand after she scored a spare (and this after he let a backward throw nearly take out several people’s toes), Chris’ body english, and Little Brother’s one point loss to yours truly again.

Cata (the Aafriday) graced us with his presence, impressing Luscious with his style. Maja returned and was def in the running all along. In the second game (Lane 9) everyone had at least one strike! The Lane 10 folk seemed to struggle a bit more, although Jed has a firey fastball and Zeynep got a strike in the 10th frame, Dan ruled with 56 pins and Niall (?) wowed folks with her precision shots.
Anuj was proud to claim, “My highest score is higher than Lava’s lowest!” Not bad for the birthday boy (he shared well, too). Meanwhile, with complete ease Lava spun out an impressive 189, putting to shame my doubt that he’d once gotten close to a 200 game. (We won’t say anything about the 96 (shhhh!) he got in the next game….) Luscious finally got warmed up and roared through the third game with 182. Not his high, but beat the 165 he’d set as a target! (Btw, he finished his MBA yesterday, just in case you didn’t know.) The other competing ‘holiday’ was Cosette’s birthday – just a day or two ago?
Sideline conversations included road trips and religious expressions.
I did not do left-handed bowling and it’s hard to know whether that was a boon or a bane, since I’ve been bowling leftie for Game 1 for weeks and weeks. I did reach 134 in my second game, but there’s pressure for me to start to spin. I dunno….impressive as it is to watch these guys, you know when I win with a mere 113 that they’re really really off their game!

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  1. it was supposed to be a secret?!!! but folks really ought to know you’re living the first days of the last year in your 20s.

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