Zeynep gets rowdy! She collected signatures to verify her score last night. Just think, if we double it, she almost beats Luscious! He only had one turkey last night. ­čÖü But Anuj – the lucky guy – also broke the 110 point barrier, and Para-don? Well, the paradigmatic gringo is maintaining low standards in order to receive the adulation of stunned co-bowlers when he gets a strike. Lava’s hard work and massive amounts of activity are getting to him… it’s been awhile since his record-setting game of … months ago? I’m still not sure it really happened… little brother got warmed up by the second game – 158, not too bad!
There were more newcomers, Joe, Magda… and the alley was absolutely packed. Busier than any other time I’ve been there.

2 thoughts on “114!”

  1. hmmm …. the empirical evidence does support the lane/bowler proximity hypothesis so far!
    I’ve to figure out this omen thing now.. how about an antidote or a lucky charm! ­čÖé

  2. Hypotheses and omens – aren’t you mixing two different kinds of knowledge? Bowling leads to epistemological alchemy…

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