What do you mean by “reflexivity”?

Don, I hope you have your scotch ready!!
When Anne left me at breakfast this morning to attend a workshop, she said, “Just don’t look so mean!” (I was asked for my “hair history” later at lunch; I’m not sure if this is what Anne was teasing me about – it could just as easily have been my typical oh-so-serious expression.)
Don wasn’t scared off by me at all. In fact, we had quite the conversation about singing mice, possible cross-species communication between elephants and whales, reincarnation (comparing the Buddhist belief that people re-live the same life seven times with the movie, Groundhog Day), and an American Indian criticism of Christians who learn how to pray but not to listen. Don was confronted by a friend who specifically referred to the ways American Indians listen to the earth, to nature – the wind, the birds, the signs of life that can warn and guide us. I’ve always been drawn to listening to Indians, myself – personally, and academically. One of my professors, Donal Carbaugh, has worked extensively with the Blackfeet communicative practice of silence.
The best serendipitous moment during Don’s and my chat was when Don argued that whales, elephants, and walruses might share a common ancestor, and then he broadened this to talk about the role of carbon in all life, explaining “we all come from the same element.” Is it too weird he would say this after I’d just spent hours on the flight from Boston talking with an organic chemist?

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  1. Hi Steph – this is Terri – Don’s better half as he’s the worse half =) – I am trying to teach him how to use this program instead of using our email..so here we are! Let’s hope Don is able to follow this through on his own while I am gone for the week (I live in Morganton during the week, working at NCSD as a high school teacher) Good luck and have fun bantering back and forth with him on a regular basis…

  2. DON (thanks Terri!) – feel free to post anywhere’s and anywhen to any topic. The site is open for the pickin! 🙂

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