what a spread!

If you missed the UMass Communication Department soiree at NCA, you missed some good chow! Dr. Westoutdid herself. (I know I’ll be coming back for more next year, and the one after, and the next…!)
There were loads of job applicants, some potential grad applicants, and a decent number of current and former students. It was nice to meet Nessem in person, after seeing his name pop up on the department listserv once in awhile. There were students there from every current cohort, I think, and several of the cohorts ahead of ‘mine’ (2001).
Personally, I got to at least say hi, if not more, to Saila, Melissa, Michelle, Carmen, Viera, Jon, George (Zixu), Han, Haijing, Joanna, Lori, Razvan, Denise, Jung Yup, Niall, David, Elena, and Liliya.
Nessem, Ekra, and other previous grads where there too…along with a fair number of faculty: Michael, Carolyn, Leda, Lisa, Emily, Jarice, and Donal.
If I forgot ya, lemme know. :-O For the juicy stuff …

come on! You had to BE there!!! ­čśë

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