spiritual justice

“I don’t meet that many people who are awake enough to understand what I’m doing.”
She said this to me after explaining a bit about the book she’s writing, in which she details the last 16 years spent seeking justice for her murdered brother and other children who’ve been abused by a group associated with a very well-known political figure.

It was an intense and surprising encounter, to say the least. She must have overheard me talking with one of my students, because she opened the conversation asking what I teach. I was a bit taken aback – how did she know I was a teacher? But there wasn’t much time to adapt as it only took a few pleasantries before she was deep in her story. Maggie said she’s devoting her life to obtaining material justice but that she also works with juju (if I’ve spelled it correctly?) and is “spiritually marking” the men responsible for harming so many children: “I represent a quarter of a million children.”
It reminded me of the woman I met in Brussels who I thought might be deaf because she was so articulate with gestures. Shirley was operating on a very different phenomenological plane – one that doesn’t mesh too well with so-called ‘normal’ modes of behavior. I paid for her drink and I remember the waiter’s eyes just about popping out of his skull he was so stunned I was being kind to her.
The woman I met today was not as disorganized as Shirley but she was operating on one of those different planes – and implied that I was, too. (I bet there are quite a few folk who might agree!) 😉
It was an odd encounter: intriguing and a wee bit spooky, too.

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