RALLY for our pay!

Commgrad GEO stewards report:
This is the THE most important mass action that GEO is organizing this
semester and it is vital that we participate to protect our own interests. Comm grad students were very active last year in contract related protests. So we hope that all grad students, new and old cohorts, will take time to be at the rally.
In addition to our great turnout at last year’s A21 rally (link above), many of us also attended a bargaining session between GEO reps and the administration. Intense is putting it mildly.

As many of you already know, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has rejected the contract we negotiated last year. He wants to send us BACK to the bargaining table. This is unacceptable. The University signed on the dotted line and we are holding up our end of the deal. The stakes are high. If Mitt gets his way, all of our gains will be overturned; the average grad studentstands to loose $800.
If you want to defend our contract and the health care, child care, and 2% cost of living raise that it guarantees, then join us for a rally on the Union Steps this Tuesday, November 15th at 12:30pm. The demonstration has been strategically timed to target a Board of Trustees Meeting taking place that afternoon. The purpose is to send a clear message that GEO members care deeply about this situation and demand that the board use every resource at their disposal to get Romney to fund our contracts.
Even if you can’t be there at 12:30, come when you can. We will march from the Student Union to the Mullins Center, so you could join us there.If we pull together and take a stand, we can show our strength in numbers.
Be there. Tuesday, Nov 15 at 12.30pm on the Student Union Steps.

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