Intro to Public Speaking

Smaller class than usual today – perhaps people were lured away by the promise of a mellow fall day? And then the temperature plunged. Impromptu’s today included legalizing marijuana, lowering the drinking age as a long-term remedy to minimize binge drinking, and the dangers & promises of technology. We have an awesome public sphere developing… not to mention some quite promising public speakers. 🙂
Btw, thanks “Radio” (!), for letting me copy your notes from Monday. Here’s the list we brainstormed of the topics covered to date: baseball, facebook, foreign accents, teacher’s appearance, dress codes, stress, unions, drinking, same-sex marriage, Iraq war, menopause, notion of a “public”, rhetoric (orality, rhetoric, eloquence), privacy, discrimination, Woodstock, moral dilemmas, gender, activism, peace rallies, feedback/authority, POWER – what are you going to do about it, VOICE, deviating from the script.

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