good books

I was asked about good books to read on the deaf community, and also about the range of sexual orientations… the context was something along the lines of Takaki’s A Different Mirror, which I continue to find an amazing tool for undergraduates who simply do not know these significant components of ethnic US history. A couple of new books out on the Deaf-World look great. I purchased a brand new one by Paddy Ladd on Deafhood (centered in Great Britain but generalizable in significant ways), and eyed a couple others: People of the Eye (specifically about the Deaf community in New Zealand), A Journey into the Deaf-World (mostly US-based?), and an introductory level textbook, Deaf-World.
I’ve not followed the literature in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered studies so can’t really offer a recommendation for something contemporary that provides a broad survey of sexual identities … if anyone has suggestions, please share! This site of online resources came up near the top of a basic google search. ­čśë

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