Sam says, “The problem is, once they strap you in, it’s written in stone. They’ll do it all the time.” BUT – we’ve been informed that we can specify the conditions under which Sam can be strapped at all. Which probably means we can specify the conditions when Eden Park cannot strap Sam up. Currently, when Sam’s body gets too tired and he slumps over in his chair, when the staff are able to respond he asks them to help him into bed. Sometimes, that will still be what Sam wants. Other times he might want to stay up, and will choose to be strapped up in his chair for A LIMITED TIME ONLY. It makes sense to start with the shortest of amount of time that seems like it might be enough for Sam’s muscles to rest and build up some energy to be able to support him again. Sam says starting with 30 minutes is good. That means, once he is strapped up – which should ONLY ever be when he indicates this is what he wants – staff will return WITHOUT FAIL in 30 minutes to unstrap him. If, after some amount of time, Sam wants to be strapped up again or go to bed, he may so indicate. AT NO TIME, EVER, SHOULD SAM BE RESTRAINED FOR MORE THAN THIRTY MINUTES DURATION.

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  1. Thanks Steph!!
    Now, to just try to monitor all this. Mary Lunge seems to be a good friend of Sam’s, so I’ll try to stay in touch w/ her.
    If anyone who visits w/ any regularity, can provide feedback from Sam as to whether “HIS” directives are being adhered to or not, it would be of utmost importance. We can all pray that everyone listens to Sam. It requires much patience, and not all aides seem to possess that quality. If we all direct enough positive energy his way……….we can hope that this all works really well. Thanks again Steph.
    Say Sammy……….are you up for visitors??!! Mom and I are headed your way! We can’t afford the holidays as the airline tickets are astronomical, but, it looks as though we can come Dec. 1 or 2 – Dec. 5. We really looking forward to seeing you. What can we bring you?? Have you made your list for Santa as yet??
    If no one has the time prior to our arrival, we’ll decorate for the Christmas season when we get there.
    We love you Sammy!! See you soon. (“hasta la vista” — private joke, no Arnold included!), Much love, Jennifer

  2. Mary has been very helpful. We figured out a strategy for me to meet with the head day nurse this upcoming Friday; and also discussed more about the wording of the directive. It’s not done yet, I’m not sure if Sam is ready for it to be implemented yet, but if we can get it written up and on file pending authorization then he can institute it when he is ready.

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