busy night!

Uncle Sam had good energy and a clear voice when I arrived tonight. We read through about 20 emails, mostly jokes (some funny, some ok, some duds – inevitable, eh?) One was disturbing.
Some folk are trying to organize a boycott of the Eid stamp re-released by the US Post Office in honor of two major Muslim holidays. Eid-ul-Fitr is a sacred Muslim holiday. The people promoting the boycott are blaming all Muslims for the actions of a few. This is hardly fair. It reminded Sam of the desecration of his church in Longmont, Colorado during WWII. It was a site of attacks by “patriotic” Americans because the congregants were immigrants from Germany and Russia. Sam said, “The young people had a hard time understanding the violence. Many of them had brothers serving in the US Army.” Sam also remembered some political activism he was part of during that time. There was a politician who used jingoism to campaign against others. We looked jingoism up in the dictionary to be sure it’s the right label: “an aggressive attitude combining excessive patriotism and contempt for other countries” (OAD, 1980).

Sam got lengthy emails and photos from his old college buddies – Hal, Wes, and Bill. He really enjoys them! We were so behind tonight that there wasn’t time to respond individually . . . at any rate, Sam sure lights up when he gets news from you guys. (Others, too, btw!) 🙂
Phil, Lorraine, and Pat were up yesterday to visit. Took off with most of Sam’s plants cuz they had mites. I just had to do some doctoring on mine too – ’tis the season? As if I know anything about nurturing that kinda life! :-/
Sam reminsced a bit about the recent holiday: he thought more people dressed up or down (!) for Halloween celebrations this year. “It reminded me,” he says, “…I thought about Halloween at Gordy and Carol’s house. No one was in costume, but I put a stocking over my face, and I heard Gordy exclaim, ‘They’re getting bigger and bigger every year!'” Gordy was referring to trick-or-treaters. Sam, of course, has always loved to play tricks. 🙂

3 thoughts on “busy night!”

  1. hi—we didn’t “take off” with the plants–we tossed them in the dumpster because they were loaded with mites —the remaining ones were not yet infected but would have been soon—also cleaned his room

  2. uh oh, Phil – I think Sam might be expecting them back? Or, perhaps it was just my assumption that you were cleaning/doctoring them since I had just done that with two of mine. At any rate, he was sure glad you were there, although I think he missed Molly. 😉

  3. Sam: Off to visit with the Hart’s tomorrow. They live on Vashon Island now so we get a small ferry ride. They have a few acres so do a bit of gentleman farming; nothing serious.
    I expect to see Gordy and his second wife, Joann.
    Bill’s Mom lives with them and is 90+ years old.
    Good thing that wife Ruth, is a nurse.
    I’ll say hi to them for you.

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