seed money for social justice start-ups

Echoing Green Fellowship &emdash; Brief announcement
The global nonprofit Echoing Green is launching a search for visionary
new leaders who want to start their own organizations to create lasting social change. Through the prestigious two-year Echoing Green Fellowship, emerging social entrepreneurs have the chance to receive up to $90,000 in seed funding and technical assistance to launch organizations that address the root causes of society’s most difficult problems.
For questions regarding the line application, email
The application deadline is 5 PM EST on Thursday, December 1, 2005.
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2 thoughts on “seed money for social justice start-ups”

  1. yeah that interest me…only if i could launch something with you as a partner???
    if yes, let us talk
    i know i know…your plate is full..but we can dream on…

  2. my plate IS full, but that’s because I’m always planning ahead! 🙂 What “root cause” would you want to address? Which “most difficult problem”? I think clarity about these things is the first challenge. I also guess this is something offered annually, so there’s time to plan…

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