more on lesser used languages

(Can’t say I’m too fond of the label, but it’s statistically true. The “scientific objectivity” of quantification must be what makes it acceptable.)
Here’s another site with good-looking offshoot links. I downloaded a couple of pdfs on Support for minority languages in Europe, “commissioned by the Language Policy Unit of the Directorate General for Education and Culture, is now available in its original English version. This study provides a thoroughgoing analysis of the issues surrounding the protection and promotion of regional and minority languages in the EU context.” From the DG on Education and Training.
Then there’s Euromosaic,

a study of linguistic diversity in the EU conducted from 1992-1996.
Again, the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages is not an EU document.
more to be gleaned from Paul Treanor’s site: articles on the status of particular minority languages in specific nations, a site on sociolinguistics resources “including language planning”, resources on the monolingual U.S. and more. Worth re-visiting.

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