media ownership

I asked my colleagues about good references on media ownership, here’s what I got back:
Todd (the namedropper, a.k.a. dad twice over) says, “Check out this dude’s books:
Donna, Lori, and Denise all recommend Robert McChesney — Donna specifies, “older books like Rich Media, Poor Democracy are wonderful, as are newer ones like Our Media Not Theirs.”
Denise adds, “Global Media: A Guide really sums things up.”

My Favorite HM (a.k.a. “a mysterious anonymous source”) offers:
“I’m not sure what level of material would be ideal, but among others, Mark Crispin Miller is one of the clearest and well-known articulators on this topic (and he’s all over the internet):
-on media concentration and journalism (The Nation) -a combination of analysis and brightly colored charts that undergrads (and grads) appreciate:
-an interview on commercial media with Frontline (PBS)
-a deep analysis of the bizarre performance of the news media during the last presidential election (Harper’s mag).
– you might consider showing them the video ‘Myth of the Liberal Media‘ or ‘Manufacturing Consent‘ as well.
Lori concurs with Perry, who offered, “Ben Bagdikian’s The New Media Monopoly is a fairly accessible, perhaps definitive culmination of some 20 years of documenting the relentless concentration of media ownership. Beacon Press, I believe.” Lori suggests the introduction as particularly useful.

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