left-handed bowling

Luscious said I won if I got more than 50, then he decided I got second place. I didn’t do too badly with the ambidextrous attempt! Someone, however, did not live up to the rumors of a near 200 pin game last week, but it’s possible my presence is a jinx. At least he beat my best score ever! Don worked on physics in between turns, while most everyone else just cheered each other on. There was an exciting moment when 4 strikes went down with 4 successive folk, the next roll was a 9 that toppled but wouldn’t go down. *sigh*
I learned the rationale for the odd lanes. It’s psychological. I should have guessed! Btw, that lucky guy from a few weeks ago? He’s getting better. 🙂
and then there was salsa at the Iron Horse. Not a bad night, eh?

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