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I brought pate and gorgonzola on pumpernickel bread with hazelnut coffee, but Lee and Greg outstaged me by taking Sam to the Harvest Festival at the Putney School. Way to go! Sam had a blast. 🙂 Lee wiggled the car into position so Sam could visit with folks. He saw Toby Young (who was in politics at one time), Amy, Ann Quest, Jim (of Jim & Carol), Peter Dixon, and Evan (who is now a senior; Sam is still way proud of the photos Evan superimposed of Sam and some of his favorite places in Putney when Evan visited Sam for his community service project through the high school).
Also, Sam saw Steven Anderson, Karen Gustafson, Evan’s mother Leslie (who used to work at SIT), Linda (a friend of Karen’s), also Karen Blanchard and Debbie (a friend of Lee’s).
Someone said fall is ten days behind schedule, this story says it’s coming along now with a flourish. But we’ve had extraordinarily warm weather lately, and one of the mildest falls I can recall. An extended summer, really. Some trees have started to change brilliantly but most are still green. Sam says they drove up by his place – it looked the same except they’ve put curtains up in the windows.

Even on the sliding glass door! I can’t imagine why someone would want to block that view. It’s not like anyone can see in unless they go to quite a bit of effort (binoculars? a telescope?).
Greg’s wife Ali came along, she doesn’t speak a whole lot of English so Sam didn’t get to chat with her so much. She seems nice (Sam always thought so). They’re on their way to Costa Rica for four months. (Lucky dawgs!)
Sam’s eyes aren’t going him any favors tonight. :-/ “So it goes,” he says. He’s enjoying the food, even if the silverware keeps ending up on the floor.
Just met a couple of the aides. Been a LOT of turnover recently. (Bums Sam out. Hard to explain to new folks what he likes or needs…folks here before already got it when it was easier for him to speak.) 🙂 Anyway, Connie’s been an aide here for many years. She hasn’t ever partied with Sam, but she’s worried about him getting overtired – since he has such a busy day. He is less engaged than usual, but not like there’s anything wrong, tired sums it up. The good kind!
Sam got a surprise email from Bill Hart, with a picture, 8 cool dudes from looooooong ago! I said, “Sam, you look so studly!” He said, “We all do.” Sam is standing, second from the right. Next to him, second from the left, is Harold van Valin. Kneeling on the left end is Bill Hart, and kneeling on the right end is Wes Lingren. These four were roommates along with the two guys standing at either end. Sam looked at the photo for a long time – I know I cannot imagine what he’s remembering, except I can tell it made him happy.

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  1. Hi Sam,
    That picture of the 8 dudes certainly brought back many memories. All 8 fellows lived in the same house for an entire school year. The four not named are Dan Nazman, Jerry Thomas, Lew Dickinson and Orville Heath. Do you remember what the letters IFT on the ball stand for? If not, get Wes to tell you since this was original with him.
    We were with Gordy Cochrane and wife at a hymn sing a couple weeks ago. His wife, Joanne, has a beautiful soprano voice. Gordy asked about you, so I told him how to access your Reflexivity.
    We never did adequately thank you for participating in our wedding 50 years ago last June 18th in Walla Walla. If I can figure out a way to do it, I will e-mail you a copy of your handsome picture taken at the wedding.
    Do you remember selling for the Jewel Tea Co. in Cincinnati the summer of 1954? That was quite an experience! You weren’t quite ready to make a career of it and neither was I.
    Take care and God bless,
    Harold VanValin

  2. Harold, what a SMILE on Sam’s face! “Jewel Tea, we went from house to house. I took rejection very badly.”

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