freedom of speech

I’m reading the assigned “pro” and “con” chapters in Jarice’s book, Taking Sides. I’m puzzled by the link made by Edison & Jacobs from Janet Jackson’s bodily exposure during prime time television to increasing restrictions on radio broadcasting.
The crackdown on radio by the FCC is for real, as experienced recently in Brattleboro, VT. I tracked some of the drama:

After being shut down the first time, rfb started broadcasting again in August, 2003.
September, 2003: FCC delivers utlimatum to RFB
October, 2003: rfb continues broadcasting
rfb was shut down on June 23, 2005. They continue the fight.
btw, the other side of the freedom of speech debate is presented by Eugene Vokohl: Freedom of Speech, Cyberspace, Harassment Law, and the Clinton Administration

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