family history

Sam says, “If I wrote a book it would be divided into chapters by my siblings. Clara, first, then Theodore (Ted)…” then his memory gets fuzzy, which one is next? 🙂 How many siblings were there? Sam was “the youngest of 12.”
“Part of it would be poignant. One child was dead at birth, before Clara. The other boy lived until he was two. I didn’t know them, of course. Born before my time. I was not close to anybody except Clarence.
“Next was Adam. Clarence. Anna. Ann is still alive. We called her Ann, her name was Anna. Her middle name was Rosie. Anna Rosie. Herman, and Edith, who’s not dead. Sam, the author. I’ve been thinking about the book for a long time..”
(I only count ten people…)
“Renhald and Ruben, they were twins, they go after Ted.” (We’re not sure how to spell Reinhald!)

“Clara died at 93. She was married to Hank Burback. She spoiled a boy and a girl, Hank Jr. and Jeri.
“I can’t read or write, which makes this book a great challenge.
(The beer we’re drinking probably doesn’t help.)
“Mother and father, Adam and Elizabeth, were quite busy.” {burp}
That’s the end of the book for tonight. We read a ton of email (great jokes!!!) and also the comments from the last blogpost. Thoughtful, all of you. Wes, neither PSP or ALS are what Sam has. It’s something else. If you didn’t see my comment back to you, I’m not a blood relative, but that’s an irrelevant detail. 🙂
Harold, Sam commented back to you (click on the different colored words to see it). Wes, Sam doesn’t remember what IFT stands for, but Harold says you have to tell. ????? Jean, Sam was happy to hear from you again.
Peggy just arrived and announced how thrilled she is that Sam is putting her in his will! She introduced herself to me, she says, “I’m Sam’s crazy nurse!” Uh huh…! Now she’s teasing him about having women in his room and plying them with liquor! She’s a trip!

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