6 thoughts on “10 reasons why gay marriage should be illegal”

  1. Very convincing arguments against gay marriage. It definitely has changed my opinions on the issue. Thank you for opening my eyes…

  2. Hey God,
    What up?? I was in the LSAT coaching class last night when you called. Heard your message. You sounded good.
    So you moved again..hope it was a smooth move. I dug my own grave this morning…went to one of my committee member’s office just to say hi. Take it from me..BAD MOVE. She asked me how dissertation was going and God (I mean you) knows it is pretty static as of today:( Ahhaa…life…
    Take it easy:)

  3. ILA! You are not supposed to be shooting yourself. I have another friend who is trying to tempt me to leave the phd program so we can travel the world as bums. (I can do that more easily WITH a phd!) I have two members on my committee (went from a full three to one last summer/early fall – two of my people left the University – aaargh!), still need an outside member…maybe on more inside member just cuz of my areas….oh so much To Do!
    The move was smooth, thanks. Is your class going well? Hope so. Happy Spring!

  4. Steph…GOD…you must finish the PhD. I know it is easier said than done but you totally have to finish it and then maybe someday, I will join you two in travelling the world. We must go to Aalborg on our tour. Above all things, Prinsen Hotel has a jacket that belongs to me and picking up loose threads is always elevating 🙂

  5. Hey Steph,
    I got your house worming gift. Thanks a ton:) I remember writing to you and telling you that I got it about a week ago but I must have been dreaming. I do a lot of that these days. The gifts were great. Made me think of all the times you were my knight in shining armor.
    Hope you are having a good time. It is a beautiful day here in Columbus. I love spring. YEEE for spring

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