the M & M trail

is on the horizon…. after reaching the peak of Mt. Bare from Taylor Notch at a much slower pace than last fall (!) and taking in the sights, we decided to forge on to the overlook at Mt. Hitchcock – pressing into new territory and expanding all of our horizons. It was a perfect day for hiking; we spent as much time lounging in the sun as actually moving.
I also had some memories of being there being there from over a year ago, on the Summer Solstice.

I learned several things today, but mostly I just enjoyed relaxing, being quiet, taking in the views and smells, and talking about whatever came up.
We saw a Downy Woodpecker on the way down; a real treat for me since I haven’t seen one since Dummerston. It also provided the impetus to learn a lyric that women farmworkers used to sing in a certain Asian country.

One thought on “the M & M trail”

  1. It was great to me, too!!!!!!
    Since I came here, I have never been hiking. Korea has a lot of moutains, so during my undergraduate and graduate time in korea, I have been hiking a lot, but after I came here, because of my hectic time and anxieties about living as an international student, I couldn’t enjoy quite relaxing time. Now I am trying to do it a little bit even if my brain is still full of academic things(^_^), whenever I think about what I have to write for my desertain.
    Today’s hiking in Mt.Bare, gave me a lot of energy. Sometimes while we are in the nature, without any particular reason, we feel we can become much stronger than before.

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