“The Five” (Lane 17)

Wobble Man is probably out for the count – and just when he discovered the 15 pounder! Ah well, some things are more important. 🙂 I’ll miss his interpretations of the control panel (as he poised over the “foul” button for anyone with particularly smelly shoes).
“The spin is strong in this one” had a few lucky strikes and – via persistence – is no doubt gonna be competing with the Spin Doctor soon enough. The Doctor had three doubles last night!! Impressive.
Someone was mooning all evening, distracted. WHAT a surprise he got at the end of the day. His first game was hot then he faded throughout the rest. Dang emotions – my turn last week, his this week. Who will be next?
Supposedly there’s a lot of bowling in The Big Lebowsky – which was previously recommended to me.

2 thoughts on ““The Five” (Lane 17)”

  1. next Tuesday will tell … ! btw, apparently I can’t even recognize members of my own department! HELLO! EARTH TO STEPH!!!

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