feeling bad for you

Sam feels badly that so many of you write to him and he often doesn’t have the energy to respond. It sure does make his day though – big grins for sure. 🙂 Wes recently sent an update on a whole bunch of old pals – brought back a lot of memories. These make Sam happy. He asked me today if I could believe he’s been here in Eden Park for four years. Says it feels like the time has gone by fast. I figure that’s good, even though I do recall some times when I visited and the time felt interminable to him.
Sam especially enjoys saucy jokes and news about friends and family. He’s been on anti-biotics off and on for ages, so we haven’t been able to indulge together, but did take some time to fill in Raz on the parties that used to occur at the house in Putney (not to mention those that occasionally happen here!)

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  1. Ciao Sammy,
    Sono qui in italia! So how are things going? Certainly sounds like you’re receiving lots of mail. Now people can tease you all they like & no smart-a.. response from you! Well, only occassionaly. I miss you and do miss hearing your quick comebacks. Ah the quick wit of Sam & all those bizarre twists & turns your mind is capable of to catch us off guard. I take the freedom to just imagine what some of them might be, and it brings a smile to my face.
    Please bear w- me as some of the keys are in the “wrong” place for Americans…..thus my excuse for typos and other strange markings. I arrived in Assisi a week ago last Thurs., it seems impossible that over a week has passed. I had no sleep the night before I left and only got in 5 hrs. on the plane….so arrived “molto stanca.” Slowly tried to crawl out of that hole, and all my friends started to find out I was in town. Italians are night owls, and the food and wine flows freely……how can one resist? Not that I try. So finally, I am catching up a little on my rest.
    It felt like coming home when I drove into Assisi. The apartment I rented is small, but sufficient. Salvatore & Giuseppe, friends from Naples, spent the weekend w- me and we had a wonderful time. Anne Robichaud had us all to a fantastic dinner Sat. night. Do you remember what a great cook she is, and also how far out in the boonies she & Pino live??? She sends her live. Hope to travel to Naples to visit S & G at the end of my stay.
    Mary Anderson, friend from Laguna, and two other friends arrive this Thurs. for two weeks, they will rent a car and are going to stay w- me…(that helps the expenses). I’m to be translator, driver & tour guide. We’ll see how many days I can send them off on their own, or I’ll be a wreck. Thinking in two languages at once tires my poor old brain….as I’m sure you remember.
    Mary visited me in the villa in Mora where you slept in the garage… (to bring up a sore topic!) But just think what fond memories you have of being locked out of the house, Mom & I in Rome, and you sleeping on the lawn chair in the garage w- the company of the cat! At least there were ripe figs on the trees, bottled water on the terrazza, and ripe tomatoes in the garden!!!
    The landlord’s son checked on the property and of course, Sam, though knowing no Italian, talked his way, into the villa. On the mantle was a pic of him & mom —– he convinced the man that he belonged inside instead of in the garage.
    Just goes to show what a man of many talents can do!! Hope the memory brings a smile to your face Sammy. My friend is now the Mother Superior of the convent I showed you — the Sisters of St. Bridget…..of Sweden. Marcelinna is her name and she is allowing me to use their computer…. it cost 5 Euro an hour in an Internet bar. Mamma mia. She sends her regards and is now calling me to a free lunch, bless her heart. Others who know you all send their regards. I’m surounded w- love when I’m here and it’s nourishment for the soul. Oh, James got called up to Biloxi and is pulling night guard w- the Nat’l Guard. Was actually able to reach via cell phone on his birthday the 17th. Thank you God he is still safe, though carrying a gun and wearing a bullet proof vest (never what I imagined for him)….but far, far better than being called up to Iraq. When is Bush going to get impeached????
    I love you much…..here’s a hug. Thanks to all your friends who write and visit you. Here’s a big hug, Jennifer

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