The Fat Lady Sings

“This is one of the worries i have about being a mental patient. When I’m in this state, I feel more like my true self than I ever felt … That’s the thing that scares me the most about this being crazy stuff. If you don’t watch out you start to like the feeling” (75).
The Fat Lady Sings by Jacqueline Roy

“…got him puzzled how, he don’t know what to make of me … he can’t think what to do … The desk is like a stage. I strut my stuff. Then, I start to sing … The case notes slip to the floor, all his words about me floating down. I lean forward and pat him on the knee. It throws him like mad. He thinks a fat, middle-aged black lesbian has the hots for him – a white skinny blob of slime with a grey moustache. That is the glory of being a mental patient. Nothing is impossible” (82).
Read on the plane from London to New York last week. I only giggled out loud a few times. ­čÖé

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