romantic Mannheim

Matthias took me for beer on the beach – the imported sand on the edge of the Neckar River. We’re in wine country here, where the pace of life is just a tad bit slower and more reasonable.
Of course, Matthias is convinced that the urgency of the north is important for technological inventions, but its easier to live in the south. Much more comfortable. In general, his theory is that people keep moving west – from Poland to Germany, from Germany to France, finally to Italy or Spain. As long as it gets warmer and warmer its ok.

The treeclimber joined us, Dominique. He climbs with ropes and such. After one tree he was totally exhausted; he didn’t even make it to the top! (It got dark, and he’s safety-conscious, good guy.) He was close to nature, just like sailing. (I’m a bit jealous; I didn’t get near the water at all this summer!)
I had some Flammkuchen for dinner – the local variation on pizza. We had onions and ham. (I’m kinda liking ham, lately. It’s cut very thin here.)
I also got to try the local brew, Eichbaum. Somehow, it looked brown “dunkel”, but tasted just like the Hefeweizen. How does that work? The brewery, in operation for 300 years, is built on the site of an old morgue. (We think that means no one should really drink it.)

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