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Paul L posted a note to Sam, with the email address back to iputney.com. Check it out!
and Karen dropped a note that her mom, fondly known as Omi, was born in Mannheim, 1911, right where I was last week! She adds, “My grandfather was the town planner and architect in Ludwigshafen,” which is right next door.

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  1. Also– there is a monument to my
    grandfather, Marcus Sternlieb, in
    the park in front of the technical school
    just below the tower observatory–
    your landlord might know the
    name of the school and the park it is
    in– Marcus also designed Ebert Park

  2. Dear Stephanie,
    I am here visiting Sam and have figured out the laptop. Sam is looking forward to seeing you this month. Hope your trip is going well. Sam and I went to the Brattleboro Museum today to see a variety of artists work that is on display until October. He has slowed down considerably and there are days when his speak is unintelligible even with my ESL background! But we visit nonetheless with me doing most of the talking (imagine!) I neaten up his room and give him lots of snacks, trim the mountainman effect he has going on and reminesce. Would love to chat about Sam and your trip from my computer.
    Sam says goodbye in German but I’d have to spell it phonetically au vertischein XOXO Samisito

  3. Hi Sammy,
    Sounds like you had a great time w/ Lee! So glad you could get out. The museum display sounds like fun. Also, Steph says your energy has been good lately, hurrah!
    Just to keep you smilin’ your name will appear in an ad in the Virginian-Pilot, the Norfolk’s leading newspaper (Pat Robertson’s local daily newspaper), along w/ others of us who are more than disgusted by his call for the assasination of the president of Venezuela, in the name of keeping access to a “huge pool of oil,” among other excuses. The world is truly going bonkers. %-) (I’ll send you a copy.)
    I know you’ll be glad to see Steph. I’m sure she has great stories to tell. I’ve been having houseguests. I’ve also had my house on the market, but no buyers as yet. Haven’t a clue as to where I’d go if someone does buy it. Ah, the vicissitudes of life! Seems mine has many. Hope this finds things going well, and that you continue to have lots of visitors. I love and miss you. Jennifer (Here’s a big hug!)

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