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“The best general advice I can give a first-time poster constructor is to describe the circumstance in which a poster will eventually be viewed: a hot, congested room filled with people who are there primarily to socialize, not to look at posters. And, because poster sessions are often concurrent with the “wine and beer” session, chaos is further increased by hundreds of drunk, uninhibited graduate students staggering around hitting on each other. So as you design your poster, keep in mind that it must be informative, brief, and visually slick in order to attract viewers. A good motivational exercise is to imagine that you will be sandwiched between a poster on “Teaching house cats to perform cold fusion” and one on “Mating preferences in sex-starved red pandas.” In such a situation, your poster must be great, not just OK, if you hope to attract an audience.”
Paul provided the above online resource (Making an Academic Poster Display). If he doesn’t shoot me (!), I’m still going to submit for this conference. Been hard to carve out the intellectual space what with leaping from the Parliament to RID to Turkish-German interpreters – (great article by Ebru here, not to mention heavy work on the piece with Shemaya for Information, Communication and Society. Oh, and keeping up the blog, looking for work, various mundane details like that! This is the life of an academic, eh?

A second poster construction link from Paul,
Designing Effective Poster Presentations, isn’t quite as entertaining, but still useful.

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  1. Hey Colin, thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to comment and provide the accurate reference.
    My poster turned out ok; better was the work done in collaboration with awesome colleagues while there. 🙂

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