polyglot conspiracy

Shemaya and I are hard at work on this article due in a week. We’ve been prepping (research, discussion) for six months but now it’s time to write. We had a glaring weakness and needed a miracle. I put out a call on the AoIR listserv and Lauren sends along her paper that is, without a doubt, the missing link. ­čÖé
Turns out she keeps a blog, too. Here’s an entry from a few days ago that is sortof related to our paper topic, Taking your social life with you (and keeping it to yourself), about how to juggle multimedia relationships.

I found only two other references via a Google search:
This “white paper” on Managing Multimedia Relationships seems to be an internal document for a call centre.
This one has the phrase in the title but doesn’t define it (or even repeat it in the paper): Modeling Complex Multimedia Relationships in the Humanities Computing Context.
I think credit for specifically defining the term belongs to Lauren, no debate.

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