One Bun

Sam says this used to be one of his nicknames. He’s not that skinny now! Not as solid as he was when he could get around on his own legs though. He’s been feeling better the past two days. I saw him last night and he was feeling good, tonight too. He got some sad news yesterday from the Vecchiatti’s, so we’ve been doing a bit of sad together. 🙁
Right now he’s working Sue the nurse over to sign his guestbook. The advantage of having a laptop here is I can post directly! We’ll see – he’s thinking of keeping it . . . I need to do some negotiating with the staff though to really help him with it once in awhile. We were lucky to have some kind souls come in from the outside to do it this summer while I was gone.
Thanks for the comments from Wes, Cicely, Bea and Jennifer. Sam also got emails from David and Nona. Sam says, “Keep ’em coming!

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