nearing the end

Carole suggests “the summer of 42” as a theme for this year’s fieldwork and assorted adventures in “Europe”. (I was caught last night in the extremely american act of saying I’d been “here” since May 7, here meaning “Europe” – not Aalborg, Denmark.)
I’m not sure if the movie of this title is apt but of course now I’ll have to watch it. ­čÖé
Dexus has been an extraordinary culmination; I can’t imagine a better group of people or a more wonderful opportunity. Really!

It’s been especially nice as I deal with the ambivalence of ending fieldwork and returning ‘home’ to no home. :-/ While the adventure has been incredible, it’s been tiring. Yet the prospect of re-establishing a space of my own is also a bit daunting. Oh well – life intends to keep me on my toes! I have been affirmed in one thing: Annmarie said it well in a recent email:
“I know I am ready to fall in love again. Maybe that is the only way to maintain love, loving love itself.” I am not yet ready, but I can at least imagine the possibility.

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