Lost? Who? Me!?

I’ve been practicing variations of discovering “bfe” and “bfo.” Neither is complimentary, but one phrase refers to the “boonies” from a US point-of-view, and the other refers to the “boonies” from a European point-of-view. Anyone ever hear of bum-f*ck ohio? 🙂
I’ve been well-cared-for, yet again. Besides local connections that promoted my fieldwork, Ruediger and Helke treated me to a scrumptious Thai dinner, introduced me to “SSA” (soy sauce addiction), updated me on German politics (looks like chances are leaning toward the moderate right (Angela Merkel of the CDU?) taking over from the moderate left in upcoming national elections), and generally made me feel welcome.
I learned there was a bit of checking and coordination behind-the-scenes as to my whereabouts. (Surreptitious phone calls, “She got on the train at 9:08 pm” and careful calculations as to when I ought to arrive….with (apparently) a bit of worry when the appointed time passed &emdash; kinda sweet, eh?) One might think my reputation had preceded me! I only took the tram in the wrong direction twice! I’m sure I only changed my mind less than half-a-dozen times about when to leavea Berlin/arrive in Mannheim! And I’ve only had two or three alternatives as to when to actually leave for (Berlin or) Aalborg! (It could be the name of good horror film, eh? The Guest Who Wouldn’t Leave. 🙂
Well, I was assured that given the entire three months of my journey in Europe, being ‘lost’ for mere hours hardly counts. Obviously I had time to make mistakes on the tram. Besides, I got to see more this way. And it hasn’t happened in EVERY city I’ve been in, just Brussels, Antwerpen, and now Mannheim. Not Budapest. Not Berlin. Not Ghent, Amsterdam or Strassbourg. Oh – it did happen in Strassburg when I booked in a room in Kiel (near Hamburg), instead of in Kehl – just across the border! 🙂 Uh….there was San Antonio,,,,and the pizza expedition in Quedlinburg. Dang. That makes it exactly 6:4, even if I don’t get turned around in Aalborg I won’t be able to break even! *alas!*

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