Last day in Berlin?

I was treated to an absolutely scrumptious seafood marinara last night and a ‘last beer’ at Hefner’s, after a hectic day of scurrying between interviews. At least I finally got some interviews! And a few more leads…
Do I stay or do I go? I’m a waffle. Do I stay or do I go? Mannheim? Quedlinberg? Aalborg? I haven’t been so unsure yet this summer, waiting for the chips to fall and inspiration to dawn.

2 thoughts on “Last day in Berlin?”

  1. hi
    a promise is a promise is a promise! could be from gertrude stein eh? ha. i think she used the word rose?? not sure, i’m only a simple minded surfer!!
    anyway: let’s talk about the doh and der thing! refering to mr nick hornby, the “der is completely different from doh’s”…doh “is an admission of supidity on the part of the speaker, whereas” der “implies strongly that someone else is stupid”.
    yes maaamm, if i would be a proud owner of a telli, i could tell ya that before, cos of the knowledge base language of the simpson family. so i have to do some serious research about this important issue…
    deeeer! (selfreflection)

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