Kanak Attack

I’m not sure if/how this youth protest movement might intersect with interpreting, but I it’s definitely worth checking out.

The movement was apparently triggered by the book, Kanak Sprak, which doesn’t seem to have been translated into English. Yet? ­čÖü by Feridun Zaimoglu. More on Zaimoglu.

There’s a film, an album, participation in a conference (sorry I missed it!), Fadaiat 2005:

“Fadaiat – which means “through spaces” in Arabic – is a political, technological and artistic laboratory that takes place from 17th to 26th of June 2005 in Tanger (Spain) & Tarifa (Morocco) on both sides of the tense frontier dividing Europe from Africa.

What for? To advance in the construction of social, collaborative networks, local and transnational, connecting cognitarians, migrants and precarious, to research and develop tools, to exchange and share knowledge, to discuss common strategies and projects… within the reference framework of the new borders.”

Some other articles I found loosely relating to second-generation persons of Turkish descent in Germany (“Turks” is apparently politically-incorrect, due to a basic factual inaccuracy…):

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