Shemaya reminded me today of an incident from way back – a decade or more ago (probably more). It was a gathering at Mary Frances’ place on the lake in Pelham. I was distressed about some situation or other. A woman who hadn’t met me before observed my trying to deal with the emotions: “You look like Spock.”
Upon relaying this story to Raz and another bud (who totally cracked up), Raz quipped that “ten years later you became Worf.” From Vulcanism to Klingonism, now that’s something! Raz has seen me rage a few times. His observation of me today was that I’m “quieter.” Is this indicative of a real change or merely jetlag? We’ll find out. Can anyone who’s known me imagine me as “soft-spoken”? ­čÖé
I kinda like the notion myself.

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