High energy Man!

Gosh – I have just been too hectic lately! (In fieldwork they call it the snowball effect.)
Sam and I had a videochat on Sunday evening with James’ superb assistance. It was OBVIOUS the very second Sam came into view that he was feeling GREAT! It was pretty cool to see, because his energy has been low most times we’ve chatted. He said he’d been feeling that good for a few days, had taken a trip, and was just overall doing well.
He did get tired of trying to speak, so James and I would chat intermittently and Sam would eavesdrop. Then we’d chat directly some more. That system seemed to work pretty well. If anyone is in the area and can squeeze in a visit, it might be a very good time! (Of course, you know Sam always enjoys company.
Hugs to all!

One thought on “High energy Man!”

  1. steph,
    thanks for the updates on sam. cool that you had a video conference. technology can bring us closer,and it’s heartening when it does.
    thanks for your good work getting the word out about sam!

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