German night life

Ok, ok. Yes. I went out on the town. 🙂 Met some Deaf Germans. 🙂 It was the opening night of Ladyfest, billed as “a platform of several days’ duration to present feminist and queer art, literature and music, bound in a worldwide network.” The Kickoff Party was held at Liberacion: Cafe and Kneipe (a saloon or tavern) on Kinzigstrasse. I wandered for a good 30 minutes in a mild, dark drizzle before I found it, having been misled by the well-intentioned efforts of shopkeepers to get me there.

It was one of those multi-level, many-roomed bars (like Simpla Dupla in Budapest) that seem to be the predominant style here. I’ve been in a few in the US like this, but they’re rare – especially in old, dated, genuinely funky buildings with matching decor. It was cozy.
I conversed (more-or-less!) with Judith and Matt and discovered that there might feel like there’s a relationship between DGS and ASL, it’s not quite so. I thought Judith was telling me she worked in a book bindery. Instead, when Nal interpreted, turns out she works with children at the residential deaf school! Matt is involved with producing a Deaf Film Festival. The website is spectacular!
This was my third experience of being really dependent upon an interpreter this summer. It was different than the previous two – which were interviews at the European Parliament and sortof “for” me. This was a purely social occasion – I guess I got some “community interpreting”?!! Nal did the DGS into spoken English. It was different for me in the sense that I really felt like I was receiving a gift, something special – extra – and hence didn’t want to put any extra claims or burdens in the process. Interesting to notice the difference!
Jim, who came along later, did pretty well with ASL. At least, if she wasn’t understanding me she did an amazing job of bluffing. 😉
Returning “home”, I piled into the tube with all manner of nearly-drunk and still drinking Germans. Now that was a cultural experience!

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