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Poor Sam. He was all huddled up in blankets, coughing and feeling all-around miserable when I saw him yesterday. 🙁 (He did brighten up a bit seeing me, grin.) He must have got sick right after Lee visited. But he sure enjoyed gallivanting all over town with you! Saw your comment, Lee, when you were with him last time. Jennifer posted there too, so you should all catch up on the news!
He asked about folks, and says hi to everyone, and so loves it when you do write. It is tough for him to say much back. I know it might be frustrating for those of you who want a specific response. All I can say is Sam loves you and it means the world to him to hear from you. He wishes each of you the very best.

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  1. For Sam: Saw Hal Van Valin in church last Sunday and he gave me this web site. I was wondering what had become of you. Sorry to read of your illness. We’ll pray for you. Had lunch with Lou Dickinson while he was down from Alaska last month. Haven’t seen Gordon for quite awhile; my e-mails to him go unanswered. Bill Hart lives on Vashon Island and Jerry Thomas is in CA.
    Hang in there,

  2. Hello to Sam the Man…hope you are feeling better…Bob and Maddy and I just got back from NYC, where we met up with an old WHIP…Ken Litsios, who lives with his family in France now…He was touring his wife and daughter around NYC, as it was their first trip here…Maddy went shopping on an open air market…and I went to MOMA to see the Pissaro/Cezanne show…which was great…we walked and ate and shopped and did New York for 2 days…now glad to be back home with the chickens…much love, Cissy

  3. Hi Sam,
    It has been a long timne since we saw you…The Fantinis have been quite busy, and not here a lot of time. Carla was back from Japan for vacation, and then left for 4 weeks in Jordan, Syria,Israel and Palestine. She was there for the relocating of the Israelis from palestine…she had a very interesting trip. She is back here for another week then she goes back to japan for her last year.Mario just left for Denmark, where he will spend the first semester of a 2 year program with the Erasmus Mundus program. Next semester he will be in Holland and then he will spend a whole year in Germany. Al is fine, so am I, except resting a bit from a very hectic summer. Will stop by to see you very soon!
    Love Beatriz

  4. I was so skinny when we were roommates you used to call me One Bun.
    Thanks for all the news about everyone. Ya’all hang in there too.

  5. Ciao Sammy,
    Sorry to hear that you’ve got the “creepin’ crud,” or whatever it is. Hope you feel better soon. I’ll try to pop a few jokes into the mail just to distract you!!
    I’m beginning to wonder if putting my house on the market was the right thing to do. No offerings of any significance as of yet, but lots of interest, showings and open houses — may be good, but am growing weary of having to vacate, (along w/ Itsy), and leaving everything oh so tidy. Ah well, time will tell. I’m open to leaving or staying at this point. The weather has been great, the evenings cool off w/ spectacular sunsets. Just part of what makes Santa Fe.
    Remember the Santa Fe/ Aspen Ballet group? It’s the one we attended a performance by last time you were here. They are continually improving and are coming to town again….however, since I splurged on an opera performance, I’ll have to pass. I love you much and wish I could visit, massage your feet, give you hugs and kisses, Jennifer

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