baby wars!

Rocio writes:
“You can use my name in your blog, if you want to, no problem. As for the entries about Carmen, two things: First, she is the CUTEST baby ever, no exception. Not because it is my daughter, it is completely objective 🙂 The second thing is you got the spelling of “chupete” wrong: “chupeta” is the portuguese word, and your link is to a web page in Portuguese describing all the bad effects of using a “chupeta” too long. I didn’t know that “chupeta” was “chupete” in Portuguese, I learned something.”
Links added by moi. Notice the dangers of posting links in languages I don’t know! %-/
There are other babies I have at least marginal contact with:
Anna, whose not-so-shy papa has posted just a few photos online.
Sam, the Gangsta (soon to be joined by a baby sister, rumor has it?!!), and Leona.

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