almost underway

Dexus officially starts tomorrow but the wiki space has been going for a couple of weeks. I’m relieved to see I’m not the TOP user (hats off to Tatjana for that!), but I made more changes than anyone else (except the Head Honcho, Paul) by at least a power of ten. gulp Kristina, Jessica, and Karin are also up there with the hit volume, not to mention Jussi, Elin, and Carina. Irene, Kris, Ehya, jbk, and air are also in triple digits.
But, the fact remains, I did “talk” alot. This could be relevant to feedback I recently received on ‘being overwhelming.’ A friend emailed in response: “When you are overwhelming, bursting at the seams, it is you, not being an American. The sometimes dramatic energy is lifegiving, so don’t ever be ashamed of it.” I agree that shame is extreme. But it can be embarrassing!

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