All the Hefeweisen

On my own for dinner, I thought it time to indulge a wurst. The neighborhood kiosk was out of bratwurst (familiar), offering currywurst instead. “Is it good?” I asked &emdash; realizing instantly that they weren’t going to diss their own food. “It’s the national meal!” The wurst was ok, even the curry powder liberally dumped on top was tolerable. The half-ton of ketchup did it in. Statler admonished me, “You have to go to the right place!” (That would be Weichenbach (sp?), not Berliner Strasse – unless you want to join the Fat Fleet.)
Hefner’s was more lively, or was that us? 🙂 Statler may have been trying

to distract himself from the low pressure system he’s missing on both sides of the Canaries right now. Waldorf lived up to his characteristic laconicity: I figure he makes his points on the squash court (not to be confused with racquetball &emdash; the rules may or may not be the same). Judi made taxes come alive for me (momentarily, I confess, but that’s an achievement in and of itself!) You get not only the numbers, you meet the personalities (which can often be typecast) and see the documents. You get “the whole story behind the scene, you see how the whole system works.” She’s studying tax law. “Duh!” Not “tech” or “text” law!
There were a few lively debates on topics I can’t recall except I’m pretty sure I won. 🙂 Statler recommends Closer, The Big Lebowsky (by the Cohen/Coen Brothers – I did see “O Brother, Where Art Thou), and Status Fear (closest link, but the wrong book, may not be translated yet? The Atlantic Monthly is a decent source on American culture (liberal or conservative? US or European definitions?), but surfers know the real deal.
A Swedish friend stopped to chat for a bit and I got to reminisce about Stockholm. I still remember the visceral thrill of sitting in the City Hall where they announce Nobel Prize winners, but I love the Swedes for the Vasa Museum lauding their great naval mishap. That was also my first taste of reindeer meat.

One thought on “All the Hefeweisen”

  1. awww, doooh!
    sometimes when the moon is in the right position and i slept in well, then i CAN remember things correctly.
    alain de botton’s book called status anxiety and was published 2004 in london by hamish hamilton /penguin group -hey steph, penguins are birds and you can swim with them in south africa…if you’r lucky enough not to run into a noah!!! so don’t pee in the water.
    sorry mates,but my translation of the books name was lousy, cos my french is only enough for ordering a coffee & a croissant.
    ps: i will find out soon, what the contrary of “doh” is!!
    take care &
    keep the perv alive…

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