Lost in Berlin!

I’m not. 🙂 I’m being well-cared-for in lodging, meals, and fieldwork. Only two interviews so far, but one more is scheduled, and I have more leads to follow up. I’ve slept an inordinate amount the past two days. Seems I needed it. The foot has been a pain but mellowed out, finally (and I hope for good). I’m starting to consider tourism…

I’m in the Kruezberg district, which used to be the creative/groovy zone in the Western part of Berlin before the Wall came down. The area is still dotted with cafes and small shops. Largely populated by students and Turks. Folks don’t smile but I was prepared for that. 🙂
I was informed that Americans are often overwhelming (besides seeming fake with friendliness), but that it’s possible to be a German and discover oneself moving “too fast” for another culture – in this instance, Swedish. As a typical American (I’m only reminded just about every day, grin), I admit I have to occasionally quash the desire (compulsion?) to jump on opportunities for interaction. 🙂

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