Leonard Peltier “in the hole”

There’s no update on the official website about whether Mr. Peltier has been removed from the hole after an unannounced transfer roughly two weeks ago.

Posted July 7th on the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee’s Blog:
After learning that at the sixth day of his solitary confinement, Leonard Peltier is being denied phone privileges, religious rights, visitation privileges, cannot write out, cannot even breathe fresh air, and is running out of medication, his Defense Committee has launched a national and international campaign asking human rights bodies and advocates to intervene on his behalf. Leonard Peltier is an internationally known Native American political prisoner who has been incarcerated in the United States for almost thirty years for defending his people on sovereign Indian land. His conviction came about as a result of well known, and proven, outrageous government misconduct in which documents were withheld, witnesses intimidated, and false testimony was allowed as evidence, among many other irregularities.

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  1. An enigmatic response came today from prison officials, responding to my email from July 10 expressing concerns about Leonard Peltier’s safety.
    “Your concerns have been duly noted. Thank you.”
    But not answered. 🙁

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