“The internet is a place for me to practice the kind of courage and honesty that my specific vocation in life requires.” So says my friend, museumfreak, joining a discussion about academic blogs reacting to a recent article, Bloggers Need Not Apply, in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

I just went through a job search (adjunct instructor) – one university dropped me like a hot potato when I talked about wanting to teach in an experiential way, not a traditional lecture mode. The other just offered me a course for the fall and spring. I assume both looked at my blog and that may have played into either/both decisions, although neither of them mentioned it. Not only do I include a combo of personal and academic stuff, I also write more introspectively rather than TO an audience, because my overarching frame for combining ethnographic data and fieldnote has been the development of my own subjectivity. Sometimes – most of the time? – one can only get so much distance on oneself in the moment. Or maybe that’s just me. 🙂 So I include a fair amount of seemingly mundane things, because I think those moments and streams of consciousness also matter.

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