He’s still kicking!

had a nice videochat with Sam today, even though we kept losing connection cuz his voice is so quiet. He recounted the guest list for his birthday: Jessica and her boyfriend, Lee and Pat and Ralph, Edith and Jennifer, Christine and Buddy. Miss anyone? Apparently you had a very nice dinner at the Putney Inn, where they still remember Sam (whether from mistaking his slow movements as drunkenness or other events I didn’t inquire, grin). I know lots of you were there in spirit. The best part of our conversation was Sam recalling a time that The Experiment held it’s annual event in Brugge, Belgium. I visited there a few weeks ago. Forgot to mention that it is the cleanest city I have ever seen – they literally sweep the streets!

2 thoughts on “He’s still kicking!”

  1. Hi Steph!!!
    How are you??
    We are fine here in Brasil.
    Please, how is Sam? Where is he? Is he fine, happy? Send him that here is al rigth, and Fernando, Maria Elisa And the sons are sending a rug and a kiss.
    Ana elisa

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