cyberculture studies

New reviews (found at include:

[1] Akhtar Badshah, Sarbuland Khan, & Maria Garrido, eds., Connected for
Development: Information Kiosks and Sustainability (United Nations Information
and Communication Technologies Task Force, 2003)
Reviewed by: Ricardo Arana (Espanol)
Reviewed by: T.R. Madanmohan
Reviewed by: Chris Russill
Author Response: Maria Garrido (English)
Author Response: Maria Garrido (Espanol)
[2] Karen E. Riggs, Granny @ Work: Aging and New Technology on the Job in
America (Routledge, 2003)
Reviewed by: Chheng-Hong Ho
Reviewed by: Meredith Tromble
[3] Douglas Schuler & Peter Day, eds., Shaping the Network Society: The New
Role of Civil Society in Cyberspace (MIT Press, 2004)
Reviewed by: Andrew Schroeder
Reviewed by: Brad McCormick
Reviewed by: Julie Mactaggart
Author Response: Douglas Schuler and Peter Day
[4] Mia Consalvo & Susanna Paasonen, eds., Women and Everyday Uses of the
Internet: Agency and Identity (Peter Lang Publishing, 2002)
Reviewed by: Deborah Clark Vance
Reviewed by: Sarah Whitehead
Reviewed by: Kris Byrd
Author Response: Susanna Paasonen
[5] Jeff Rice, Writing About Cool: Hypertext and Cultural Studies in the
Computer Classroom (Pearson Education Inc, 2004)
Reviewed by: J. M. King
Author Response: Jeff Rice
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